Something Needs To Change

by The Region

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released April 22, 2014



all rights reserved


The Region Hobart, Indiana

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Track Name: Reality Check
So let's set the record straight
You know I couldn't stand another day
So I said goodbye and walked away
After you apologized and begged me to stay
'Cause I know you'll never change
And I know you'll always be two-faced
So keep running your mouth
I'll show you what I'm about
Because your luck will run out eventually
It's time you learned your place
Here's a reality check
You're not worth a second of my time
And your words, they are nothing but lies
Never again do I want to see your face
'Cause you disgust me in every single way
If you've got something to say
Then say it straight to my face
Track Name: Credibility
Now is the time
To burn some bridges
Do better with my life
And lose this stress
One step too far
You pushed me to the edge
You know who you are
So don't even pretend
Your negativity is driving me crazy
Feels like it never ends
This all has been building
I can't hold these feelings
For one more second
You make me sick
I'm ending all of this
You've lost my respect
You never deserved it
Don't waste your time speaking my name
Your word has lost all credibility
I'm leaving you behind
I'm not coming back
Not coming back for you
Don't need you in my life
You're immature
And don't realize it
When things don't go your way
You throw a hissy fit
You make it look
Like I am the bad guy
But here is the truth
To your far-fetched lie
I did try to like you
But now I despise you
You really fucked this up
Tried to tolerate you
But now I just hate you
Enough is enough
Track Name: Winter Air
The bitter cold winter air
The ending of another year
365 days have flown by
And I've done nothing with that time
Well I have come to realize that something needs to change
I made a new year's resolution for goodness sake
I counted my accomplishments
It got me down
I promise to myself I'll make this new year count
All I want for Christmas is to find my purpose in life
And all I want for Christmas is to feel alright
'Cause I've been sitting around, wasting my life away
And I've been telling myself I've got to pull my own weight
Because all I want for Christmas is the year to be mine
Track Name: Lost Cause
I take back all the times that I apologized
All the effort is coming from one side
When you promised me you would try
You don't care at all, so why should I
It was good at first but it's not the same
I don't understand why you had to change
I'm sick and tired of playing games
'Cause they end up causing me so much pain
I gave you my best shot but you're a lost cause
At least I have the guts to admit when I am wrong
You're fucking spineless
I regret my kindness
I'm alright with the thought of never seeing you again
So get it through your head
You know I've got you all figured out
I know what you're about
So let me break it down
You're passive aggressive
Desperate for attention that you'll never get
You had me at hello, but now I'm saying goodbye
So bury me below the bullshit and your selfish lies
You tried to tell me I was wrong every single time
I knew about it all along
I guess I was right
Track Name: Call It Quits
It breaks my heart, the way we fell apart
And how we lost the spark
That burned so brightly long ago
The connection that we had
Died long before the end
So I won't dwell on the would-have, could-have, should-have beens
You wasted my time
Things were never fine
I'm breaking my promise
I'm giving up on this
I'm done
I think it's time that we call it quits
Because I'm tired of fighting
And all the bullshit
It's become obvious to me
We were never meant to be
These words do not come easily
But it's time to leave
I'm losing sleep while I walk away with nothing
Only memories of the time
I'll miss the way we used to be
Things will never be the same between you and me
We'll never be the same
This is for the better
We just can't brave the weather
We don't belong together
And it's safe to say we're done
I'm so much better off
And it's safe to say I'm gone
I'm moving on
Track Name: Smile
The bitter cold winter air
Took a toll on me in the past few years
I was down in the dumps
Stuck in a rut
That I never thought anyone could pull me out of
'Til I noticed you
You were so damn cute
I thought I never had a chance
Until you told me one day
That you felt the same way
My pointless life didn't seem so bad
I remember the time
When we were both lying in your basement
Face to face and
I stared into your eyes
And you stared back at mine
We were laughing
I was happy
You were mine
You're what made me smile
For the first time in a while
I just never feel right
Unless you're by my side
And I know you're okay
And I know this sounds cheesy
Words usually never come this easy
Unless I know it's for real
I can't help how I feel
I just needed to say
So I'll smile
I know I get on your nerves sometimes
And some days we just don't see eye to eye
But I'll be there for you
No matter what it may be
And I won't give up on you
If you don't give up on me
I never felt this way about anyone before
I never thought that I'd have someone like you to adore
And every night I lie awake in my room
Wondering what I did to
Deserve a girl like you
I wish I had the means to make things better
But I know I'm trying my best
So I wrote you this longshot letter
In hopes you'll appreciate this
Wish I could hand you a proper gift
But you'll just have to settle for this
It may not be much
But it's all I've got
Pouring all my heart into a song